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SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten - KIWA


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SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten

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Omschrijving SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten - KIWA

Whether filling spray bottles, mop buckets or floor scrubbers, operators in the hospitality, food service and facilities management sectors achieve perfect proportioning at the push of a button with the ProMax chemical mixing dispenser.

This robust, reliable unit – available as a one or four-product system – connects directly to a water supply and provides precisely-diluted chemical solutions at up to 30 litres (8 gallons) per minute. 

The system’s dilution accuracy is driven by a range of metering tips – included as standard – that allow users to make the finest adjustments and maximize efficiency for a broad range of chemicals.

ProMax’s wall bracket eliminates the need to open the enclosure during installation, enabling tool-free mounting, while its modular space-saving design allows further units to be easily added to an existing installation.
  • Flow rate: 4 – 30 litres (1 – 8 gallons) per minute
  • Tamper-proof housing and activation mechanism
  • User-friendly product selection dial (four-product version)
  • Auto-activating venturi requires no downstream restriction to create back pressure
  • Customizable with user’s own branding, product information or safety notice



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SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten - KIWA

SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten - KIWA

SEKO Promax doseersysteem 4 producten